User Social Graph Platform for Mobile App Developers

Enterprise grade, scalable, cross-platform toolkit used by some of the best mobile app developers in the world to build and leverage their cross app social graph

Our customers use Rave Social to drive results like these...

  1. Increase your user base by 400%
  2. Increase user login rate to 45%, that's 3x industry average
  3. More than 50% of user have at least 1 friend in the app
  4. Double mobile retention by adding elements of competition and collaboration
  5. Increase your brand awareness and loyalty with users

Rave helps publishers connect users with great social experiences

Identity Management

Rave establishes a persistent user identity that allows for tracking users across devices, platforms and apps in both anonymous and logged in user state.

Social Graph

Encompasses all relationships between users, including in-app and cross-app friendships, clans and follower/followee relationships.  Rave’s Relationships APIs can be used to query and manage relationships data.

Friend Data API

Rave tracks your friends in-app activities and makes this information available via API. Apps can use this information to boost engagement and improve the response to marketing messages

Social & Engagement Tools

Rave provides personalization user views as well as common social features like gifting, friending, achievements and leaderboards.



Your brand comes first and you control the user experience.


iOS, Android and Unity are fully supported by Rave, and new mobile platforms will be added as they emerge.


Insulation from 3rd Party Platforms

Rave insulates your apps from external platform changes by mediating these APIs. As a result, Rave will minimize required app updates, even in the face of platform change. 

Proven Scale

Rave supports millions of daily active users.